About VegTrug

I am trying to put the VegTrug together and nothing fits! The boards simply will not line up correctly when I try to put them on. What am I doing wrong?

Usually this problem stems from the very beginning of the build when you put the “H” of the legs together. You must leave the bolts on the legs loose. If you have tightened the bolts on the legs so that there is absolutely no play in the VegTrug, when you come to attach the front and back panels they will be very difficult to fit. You need to undo the screws and undo the legs so that they are loose. You will then be able to fit the panels correctly and it will slot in correctly for final screws and tightening. The movement in the “H” of the legs gives you the play to get the panels fitted correctly. We encourage you to view the build video found on our website or in the app.

My VegTrug Liner is disintegrating. How long should it last? With regard to liner deterioration.

The liner is designed to be biodegradable and will break down quickly when exposed to the elements. However, it should last two or three seasons without a problem if used correctly and not left exposed. Usually customers who have have seen it deteriorate quickly have left the top edge outside and exposed to sun, rain & wind (usually flapping around horribly). We recommend that you tuck the liner back down inside, level with the soil and you will find that it will not split or fray at all. The instructions and build video both clearly say that the liner should be tucked back inside, level with the soil.  Unfortunately, this is a case of we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t! We make the liner biodegradable so it breaks down in landfill, but the customer has to be aware that they must be careful about leaving the liner exposed. In instances where the top edge of the liner has deteriorated, you can cut it off to the top level of the soil and this will solve it as the liner portion that has been under the soil and not exposed to the elements will be fine. You can buy a replacement liner. They are inexpensive and can usually be found from your local distributor/stockist.

How often should I treat the wood on my VegTrug with preservative?

The VegTrug is delivered pre-treated from the factory with a water based, food safe preservative so it will not need to be treated with anything for some time. The VegTrug will need re-treatment at least annually thereafter. Of course where you live and the environment will affect how often the product needs to be treated. Drier, sunnier, hot conditions will mean the VegTrug needs more frequent maintenance.

What should I treat my wooden VegTrug with? Can you recommend a product?

We are often asked to recommend a preservative for use with the VegTrug and are now delighted to announce our recommendation of the Gripset Betta Wood Cure for the treatment of the VegTrug range of products in Australia & New Zealand. Gripset Betta Wood Cure is suitable for food safe applications like VegTrug. It is very difficult for us to have knowledge of local brands available everywhere in the world. We would recommend that you visit your local hardware store and take some local advice. Please ensure you treat the VegTrug with a food safe, water based preservative.

About Garden Furniture

Garden furniture in general

Please tell me about measures against rust, corrosion, fading of garden furniture.

We recommend that you keep it in a place not exposed to rain, wind, sunlight while not in use.

Although our products are painting, we may accelerate the progress of discoloration and corrosion depending on the environment of the installation site.

Examples of susceptible environments include “near coastal areas susceptible to salt damage” and “locations susceptible to car exhaust emissions”.

Also, since it may rust from joints and small scratches, pay attention to the storage location and perform periodic maintenance.

When maintenance wooden garden furniture, what kind of paint should I purchase?

Water stain which is sold at home center etc. is recommended.

* There is no problem with oily stain, but smell of paint may remain on goods.


Please tell me the load carrying capacity of the RUE SWING BENCH (GSTY - 43SB).

The load capacity of the Rouwa swing bench is 160 kg (80 kg × 2 people).
Because it is made to be able to endure even two adults can ride, even adults can use it without worrying.


I'm looking for a parasol that fits the hole of a garden desk I already have, but how good is the handle size?

From the size of the hole in the table on hand, please choose a umbrella that is 2 to 3 mm thick as the support.
For holes with a diameter of 40 mm, a parasol of 37 to 38 mm struts would be a good idea.

About garden light

Light in general

Is it okay to embed light codes and branches?

Because it causes breakage or breakdown, it is impossible to embed code or branch directly.

When choosing a light, what should I compare and choose?

■ Brightness
If you want to choose the brightness in priority, please choose the one with the highest number of lumens.
The brightness of the light is expressed by the numerical value of lumen (lm).
A lumen is a unit that indicates the brightness of the light emitted by the light source of a lighting fixture. The larger the value, the brighter it looks.
※ Please note that some items do not measure lumens.

Please choose color light bulb color as you like.
The color of the lightbulb is in a space with warmth, white makes it a natural atmosphere.

Please tell me the brightness of the light specifically.

The brightness of the light is expressed by the numerical value of lumen (lm).
A lumen is a unit that indicates the brightness of the light emitted by the light source of a lighting fixture. The larger the value, the brighter it looks.
※ Please note that some items do not measure lumens.

Solar light in general

"In the case of summer, I will light up to 6 hours with 8 hours charge", but how long will it turn on in winter?

In the winter season, the average lighting time will be on the order of 1 hour to 3 hours on average for reasons such as “short sunshine hours”, “low angle of the sun”, “cold outside temperature” and so on.

Is it impossible to charge while the switch is off?

Charging is possible even in the OFF state, but it does not light even at night. If you leave it off for a long time, it will overcharge and there is a possibility of causing a lighting failure.

After purchase, the lighting time was long for a few days, but the lighting time suddenly shortened a few days later. why?

When shipping from our factory, we have installed fully charged batteries. Therefore, the lighting time will be longer in the first few days. Thereafter, the lighting time may be shortened according to the amount of charge every day. Please note.

I just bought it. Please tell me how to use it.

Please turn on the switch and place it in a place where you often hit the sun.

Although it is a rechargeable battery for testing, is it necessary to replace immediately?

If it seems to be currently lit, please use it as it is, please try replacing the battery when it stops lighting at all.

Although it is a Ni-MH rechargeable battery, things of exactly the same capacity are not placed in the home center or the electric shop. Can I use it unless the capacity is exactly the same?

Nickel hydride rechargeable battery 1.2 V If you use more than mAh number you can use it.

There are goods to be lit and products not to light up when indoors, pulling the ribbon out. In a bad case?

In the room, there are products that light up when the light sensor part is dark.
Please let me outdoors, please check after night.

Do solar lights and solar illuminations have sensors that turn on automatically when it gets dark?

Sensor that lights automatically when it gets dark is attached. Brightness (light / dark) sensor ON / OFF can be operated with the switch attached to the solar panel.
When it is turned on, it automatically turns on when it gets dark due to the sensor function, and automatically turns off after about 6 hours.
However, in the case of insufficient charging, the lighting time may be shortened or not lighted. Also, please note that lights such as street lights will not light up when the sensor hits the lights.
If it is set to OFF, it will not be lit automatically.
※ LGS-53 solar lantern light excluding Handy charge

How long is the recommended use period of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries?

Battery life is about 1 year to 1 year and a half, but it may become shorter depending on usage conditions.
Please note that if you do not use it for 3 to 6 months, the performance of the battery may deteriorate or it may become unusable.

Solar light

What to do if the solar light does not light up

If the solar light does not light up, please check the following 5 items.
① Is the power supply turned “OFF”?
Turn on the power supply.
② Is the battery properly inserted?
Make sure the batteries are oriented properly.
③ Is not the area near the installation site (solar panel) bright?
Please change the installation location to a place where there is no bright lighting such as lights of outside lights and cars nearby.
④ During the day, is the solar panel shade of trees and buildings, cloudy or rainy days do not continue?
Please change the place of installation to a place that will not be shade and charge enough on a clear day.
⑤ Is not the life of the rechargeable battery?
Even after sufficient charging, it may not light up. Purchase a replacement rechargeable battery of a commercial product (performance beyond the attached rechargeable battery standard) and replace it.
Please do the above inspection and if there is still a problem, please contact the dealer you purchased.

Is solar light safe to get wet with water?

If it is rain somewhat it will be okay to get wet.
However, it is not waterproof measures to soak in water, so please be careful.

About exterior items

Wood products in general

About mold control of wooden products

■ Prophylactic method
To prevent mold, it is effective to place it in a place where humidity and water are difficult to accumulate and where the breathability is good.
■ How to Care
1. Dry in a well-ventilated place, brush off the mold part with a toothbrush and remove it.
2. Wipe cloth with lint-free warm water diluted neutral detergent, wipe it gently after squeezing the cloth.
3. Please clean the surface detergent with clean cloth.

What is oil stain paint?

Oil stain painting means that the oil component that nourishes the surface of the wood is impregnated into the tree, so that the effect of protecting and preserving the wood and the effect of coloring will be achieved, so it is longer than the state of Shiraki You can use it.
We recommend that you apply maintenance paint for wood products on a regular basis as the effect will gradually wear out while you are always using outdoors.

Wood deck

Please tell me how to use the wood deck for a long time (how to care etc).

How long you can use depends on the usage environment, but we recommend that you overcoat wood protective paint etc when you fade away.

I will show you how to clean the wood part.
The items you need are wood protective paint, brush, sand paper, wiping cloth, newspaper.
The procedure is as follows.
1. First, wipe the surface with wet cloth and drop the dross, dirt, dust and so on.
2. Grind the surface and corner scratches with sandpaper and adjust as smoothly as possible.
3. When the surface dries, make the first paint brush etc. and let it dry.
4. After doing the second painting with brush etc., rub it in the surface with cloth etc.
5. Grind the finish with fine sandpaper, and if necessary, cover with a cloth impregnated with a little protective paint.
6. Please dry more than 1 day after painting.
※ For inquiries about paint (oily, water, weather resistant etc.), please contact at home center etc.

Can open decks be installed on the veranda?

Because the open deck is a product premised on use on the first floor, it can not be used on the veranda.

About gardening items

Bowl / planter

Please tell me the approximate size of the felt planter

Planter size and suitable vegetables are as follows.
【S (capacity about 20 L)】 Sunny lettuce, spinach, Komatsuna, herbs etc
【M (capacity about 27 L)】 Tomato, eggplant, green pepper, goya, snap pea
【L (capacity about 35 L)】 radish, potato, sweet potato, Zucchini etc.
【Square (capacity about 95 L)】 Sunny lettuce, spinach, Komatsuna, herb, tomato, eggplant, green pepper etc.