Ever Art Wood

The various characteristics of wood have been faithfully reproduced in aluminum.
This long-lasting, weatherproof material will not corrode or fade over time, ensuring that you can enjoy its beauty for many years to come.



Color Palette

Yellow Ryusen Yellow Ryusen
Acty Oak Acty Oak
Black Ebony Black Ebony
Black Marble Black Marble
Black Carbon Black Carbon
Blue Birch Blue Birch
Brown Bamboo Brown Bamboo
Dark Vibrato Dark Vibrato
Dark Zebra Dark Zebra
Charcoal Gray Charcoal Gray
Dark Pine Dark Pine
Chestnut Chestnut
Brown Ebony Brown Ebony
Brown Classic Brown Classic
Blue Pine Blue Pine
Earth Blue Earth Blue
Green Bamboo Green Bamboo
Green Classic Green Classic
Green Pine Green Pine
Grilled Wood Grilled Wood
Gritter Silver Gritter Silver
Ivory Wood Ivory Wood
Jarrah Jarrah
Light Zebra Light Zebra
Naguri Naguri
Light Oak Light Oak
Kyoto Kuro Cha Kyoto Kuro Cha
Kyoto Kare Iro Kyoto Kare Iro
Kyoto Kara Iro Kyoto Kara Iro
Kyoto Kaki Cha Kyoto Kaki Cha
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Japanese Cypress Japanese Cypress
Natural Pine Natural Pine
Rusty Dark Rusty Dark
Rusty Granite Rusty Granite
Natural Classic Natural Classic
Natural Wood Natural Wood
Rusty Green Rusty Green
Sepia Marble Sepia Marble
Orange Birch Orange Birch
Old Bamboo Old Bamboo
Shine Stainless Shine Stainless
Sesame Bamboo Sesame Bamboo
Red Wood Red Wood
Red Granite Red Granite
Slate Slate
Spring Oak Spring Oak
Rusty Copper Rusty Copper
White Marble White Marble
White Classic White Classic
White Granite White Granite
White Juraku White Juraku
Walnut Walnut
Travertine Travertine
Straw Straw
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
White Ryusen White Ryusen
White Pine White Pine
White Sand White Sand
Yellow Birch Yellow Birch
Yellow Bamboo Yellow Bamboo
Yellow Juraku Yellow Juraku
Yellow Sand Yellow Sand

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