We firmly believe that wind, light, water, and greenery should stir the heart, and it is based on this concept that we have developed our retail business for PRO use products (materials needed for design and construction), and HOME use products (user-friendly DIY materials).

The wind whispers gently, and birdsong heralds the start of a new season.
Create a comfortable living space by bringing more greenery to your surroundings.
Lighting cleverly illuminates the brilliant colors of the four seasons to soothe your soul.
Water is known for its calming relaxation properties, and is essential for life.
The garden heals our body and soul, and brings us joy and good health.


Takasho is a global company proposing peaceful outdoor garden environments to connect people with nature.

Takasho Garden Living India Private Limited, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Takasho Co. Ltd., Japan. It is established with a vision to amalgamate the Indian culture with that of Japanese gardening culture and promote healthy gardening lifestyles in India, as per our core business philosophy.

Our parent company Takasho co. Ltd. was founded in 1980 based on the theme “HEART & ART”. Our objective was to become a global creator of elegant gardens and garden-based lifestyles. We create suitable concepts based on area, culture and ideology, using our own global network with excellent Japanese quality. 

At Takasho, we develop and manufacture our entire product range in Japan and abroad, in countries including China and Vietnam. We respond to the requirements of the many markets we serve by delivering high level, high quality work using both modern and traditional techniques. As the pioneer in total exterior manufacturing, and as a creator of garden lifestyles, our focus is on connecting people with nature by promoting the next generation of lifestyle and peaceful outdoor garden environments.

Who We Are

Takasho Co. Ltd. is one of the largest gardening companies in Japan. In July of 2018 the company moved from second section to the first section on Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is now a leading international gardening lifestyle brand and operates with 7 domestic and 13 international subsidiaries with over 760 employees working for the group.


The Company is expanding its business realms as a lifestyle maker that provides various solutions responding to a wide range of gardening needs. Takasho always forecasts future changes to accurately create new value that matches the market’s needs, and pursues its goal of becoming the “only global company” contributing broadly to gardening culture in urban environments. Takasho’s vision is to “create happy family lifestyles and healthy environments that bring smiles to the people.”

What we do

The Takasho Group manufactures products in Japan and China for sale in Japan, Europe, Asia and Oceania. The Group’s integrated structure with the ability to plan, manufacture and sell products has allowed it to become the leading company within the “gardening market,” which is growing to become a firmly established market in Japan. Taking inspiration from nature. Takasho endeavours to imitate the finest natural textures through high quality materials and workmanship to create products and solutions that help in building beautiful spaces around nature.